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Monday, 2 June 2008

If you dont already know...

Ok so first blog.
Whyme? are a clothing company from south east London.
As well as our very own printed tees, we also deliver custom clothing.
Our first tee came out end of January 2008.
Very few tees left of that.
All t-shirts can be purchased directly off of WWW.TEAMWHYME.BIGCARTEL.COM
via paypal.
Our site/myspace is WWW.TEAMWHYME.CO.UK
A site is in the process of being finished and that will be uploaded relatively soon.
For people who know who we are we have been away for a lil while due to the fact that we have a fashion show at the end of june and we have been preparing for it. Aswell as custom work for various grime artists a new t-shirt is due to drop in the next few days.

Sorry for the delay.
Anyway, im going to be trying to blog as often as i can on things we get up too.

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