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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Myspace Updating..

So i decided to put the old layout back up but with some adjustments that clarify alot of things.
Who you see in the team is in it. With swish in acossiation, not directly team.
We have temporarily stopped street team because at this stage its pointless. We jumped the gun abit. Soz, Big love to you though.
More updates will be in the piks during the week. Got a couple bits and bobs lying about that i havent yet taken a pik of so watch this space. Plus alot more coming from us involving some grime guys. No names are being mentioned yet but watch out. Its all being lined up!
Weve just gone past our 6 month mark and i could say were not doing too bad for ourselves. Alots happened for us. We did go quiet for abit but we was secretly actually doing alot of work lol..
Next things to happen are:
Fashion Show - 26th June
Website Dropping - Any week soon.
Couple more grime guys modelling there whyme jumpers - All over the months.
Keep checking bak, i blog every other day!
Whyme Season

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