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Monday, 16 February 2009


Ok, so i havent blogged for months now and alot has happened in the months i havent blogged. So i guess im jus goin to show u some bits lol.
We have been busy with t shirts and customs and everything else Whyme?

Since our last blog in september we have released 2 new shirts with more on the way. the first of our shirts to come out was the "Hello My Name is Team Y
ME" T-shirt.
We managed to do a quick photoshoot for them, and we currently have a few medium and larges left. Click the image to purchase!
End of October we dropped the "I Love YME" T shirt which was a big hit.
We did a photoshoot in the woods with BK Photography.
Below is the result of the t shirt and can also be purchased by clicking the image!

Other pictures from both T-shirts can be viewed on our myspace @

Our complete website is currently being built and will hopefully be fully viewable soon!

On the custom front, many have been done for customers, b
ut for TeamYME? purposes i made 3 one off custom hoodies, which even now are being edited and improved but are all up for sale in the bigcartel
Below is there first picture. but since then all have had stiching around the felt logo! and each hoody has the flower pattern on the pockets, cuffs, and inside hood!
Im gonna hopefully be blogging alot more!
So keep checking back for updates on TeamYME?

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